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Indonesian Rider and Driver Need a Support from Government

indonesian driver

Indonesia is poor of rider and driver who race in international class. Even we never get any champion in the race level Moto GP and Formula one. There is Europeans domination in that race. We only have a few from Asia and Japan was dominated.

Indonesia have a few rider and driver who ever race in international class, some of them have a victory in some races. Rio Haryanto is a rider who ever got lot of astonishing victory. The last greatest result was in Istanbul, Turkey in GP3 series, he took first place. He could make Indonesian national anthem played. He is the only one Indonesian and Asian driver who play in GP3 series. The 17 year-old have a dream that he can race in Formula One. But, Rio and his team need a support from Indonesian societies and the government. He said that he and his team need some material support; so far they only have moral support. Besides Rio, Doni Tata Pradita is another person who has made Indonesian proud. He was played in All Japan Road Race Championship. The 20 year-old won two consecutive victories (2003, 2004) in the novice Class o Yamaha’s regional underbone race championship, Yamaha Asean Cup. In 2008 he was competing in GP 250cc class.

In last two years, some of Moto GP rider visited Indonesia they were Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, and the last one Dani Pedrosa. They are the most successful rider in Moto GP class. Valentino Rossi had ninth world champion title in all class. Dani Pedrosa was a world Champion in the 125cc class and he has twice in 250cc class like Lorenzo. They gave their experience to be world champion and also gave a support to the young riders in Indonesia.

Indonesia has a lot of talent athlete like Rio and Doni. But they need a support from the Indonesian people and the government. The government is not focus to support this sport. We have lot of young rider and driver that will be like those world champion rider. All that they need is a support from their own nation, either the government or the societies.


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