Sang Pemimpi

I just already read this book titled “Sang Pemimpi” or means “The Dreamer”. This book adapted to the theater with same title. I think the book is better than the movie. Unfortunately i watched the movie first and read the book then. But, both are interesting.
In the first page of the book, there’s a sentence that showed the book was dedicated for, typed “ for my father Seman Said Harun, the only number one father in the world”.
Ikal has best friends named Arai and Jimbron. I think, the dreamer here is Arai. He has inspired me so much. Arai is “Simpai Keramat”, means he has no family member left. His parent was died, until Ikal’s father (Seman Said Harun) and Ikal came to pick up Arai to stay in their home. Arai is a sturdy boy, he’s never feels so sad. A thing that he always do is dreaming. He never doubt about the miracle of dream. Arai ever said that “without a dream and spirit, people like us will die”. He will make dreams and pin them as high as he want. Although a lot of lack on him, but he never gives up. This boy will do anything for makes people around him happy and smile at him. Especially, Jimbron and Ikal always shocked by his surprises. We can’t guess his mind, what he think, this is how the dreamer see the world. There’s always something new that he shared to his friends.
A wise man said “there’s a will, there’s a way”, if we have a faith, we will achieve it. we have to remind that God will always love us what ever we are. He always helps us whenever we need if we always remember him and put his name in your heart.


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