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My First Teaching

Bogor, 18th September 2011
Written by Nyayu Fatimah Zahroh
I’d like to share you about my experience yesterday. I taught PILH(pendidikan lingkungan hidup/ Life environmental climate education) at SDN Babakan 1, 3, and 4. In 8.30 we came in to the class at SDN 4, my first opinion was this is what elementary school should be, neat, clean and green. One class filled by 8 facilitators, they were me, zia, mani, ruri, hanifah, and others. (Here we gooo!!!). my heart those bang bang boom. Ya Allah, please help me, make it easy. I chose a group on back of the class. And i ask their names. They are Febri, Tami, Rizal, Alif, and (i’m forget about my his name, but he is handsome one. I will remind your name later). They are so smart. All question i gave, they will answered it. i’m proud of you. We watched a movie about ozone, titled “Ozzy Ozone”. I explained the movie (although i never watch that movie). I have some trouble here due to i can’t made my notebook louder, so i tried to speak like ozzy on that movie. After that, each group have to presenting concerning the movie in front of class. We have deal about job for each other, but practical is different with theory, only Febri explained that. Febri is the monitor of class. She’s so brave whereas a girl. Our group named Saturn and we have first chance to presenting it. (time is up). We have to seperated and the class was spread out. They were vying to kiss our hand, and you know, i really appreciated about that. Thank you all of you.
Next, went to SDN 1 (at 11.00 a.m.). first word for that class, “hiperactive”. It’s different with before at SD 4. But i’m positive thinking. It makes me remind to y former class at SD Bantarjati 7 in 1997. The students is overload, there’re about two or three tables filled by three person (the capacity is for two person). I hope it would be fine but…., in my group, they’re’s pieces in our conversation. I asked “guys, what will be our group name?” they’re silent. I tried ask again “whatever guys, you can pick one, anything, up to you”. No one answer. I started confuse. “okay, may be we have to choose a leader for our group? Who want? rise your hand, please!”. They’re quiet. “Sisca, would you?”. Sisca shook her head, means no or will never. “or Siti, Aji, Angraini, Kevin? And others?” same as before, and now they started to appointed each other. “Aap, please, are you brave to be a leader?” firstly he’s quiet, but finally he nodded his head and said “yes”. “yeah, finally, you’re great and brave, thank you”. Do you know what feels like? I feel like i earn a lot of money from gambling (despite i’ll never gambling). Thank you guys.
Last class, SDN 2 (at 2 p.m.) when i opened the door, my first word “nicely”. I saw, they put their hand on the table and listen us. But, the problem here was i got a “bandit class”. He was a big boy, i mean his body, named Dahpa. He likes to disturbing his friends and sometimes he hits them. “Dahpa, don’t do that to your friends” asked me. “i don’t sist, he asked me first to hit him” answer him. “i’m not sist, i never said that” said Rizky the victim. Dahpa also asked me about my age. “How old are you?”. “guess it!”. “24…,,,29,….22,,..25…..” said them. “Oh my God, am i looking like those age?”. finally Rexy could answered correctly “19”. in brief, they’re are kind to me. They always ask anything what still unclear to me.
All i did yesterday was wonderful, it makes me so happy, fun, free, appreciated, and shock. I have to be patient to wait two weeks later, to meet them, play with them, laugh with them, again, again, and again. Whereas we just met, i feel so in love with them. They are my new sisters and brothers. I wish Allah always be with you and don’t forget to do your homework.
Thank you for Febri, Tami, Alfi, Yusrizal, Aap, Dahpa, Rizky, Aji, Kevin, Livya, Ira, Hani, Bagas, Anggita, Sisca, Siti, Rexy, Depa, and Others (i will remind all your names later, and i will bring my camera to take our picture).


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