#1 Stupid Thing Makes A Happiness

One day, Mom and Daddy meet in mall. Mom brings three children, one of them is a boy. Then, that family decide to looking around in the mall together. Time to go home. Due to both of mom and daddy bring their own cars, so Mom have to divide the children into two part. So she tells to daddy about her idea. The daughters follow mom, and the son follows daddy. Each of them come into the car. In the road, they always go side in side, if mom and daddy drive in different car. But, mom feels that daddy isn’t follow her car. She’s starting to confused. Not longer after that, daddy calls mom.

Daddy: “mom where are you? I’ve been waiting you”

Mom: “ i’m in the car. On the way to go home. Where are you?”

Daddy: “ i’m in parking lot. Oh my God. You’re get the car?. I thought that you’re not bring the car. Well, i’ll go home”

Mom: LOL

Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves a result of our stupid behavior. because when we’re laugh, we find a happiness.

from the real source


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