Geothermal: An Asset for Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that rich in its energy sources both renewable and non renewable. However, non-renewable energy becomes obsolete meanwhile developed countries began to look for a solution how to keep renewable energy to replace non-renewable energy. Geothermal energy is one of solution of the energy conversion. “Indonesia is home of geothermal energy potential which occupies about 40% that of the world”


This geothermal energy, including renewable energy because of the geothermal fluid can be utilized after reinjected into the soil. More than 265 geothermal fields spread across Java, Sumatera, Celebes, Bali, Maluku, NTT, and some in Borneo. This advantage is caused by Indonesia geography crossed by the Pacific ring or circle pacific volcano and has 129 active volcanoes. Ring of fire is formed upon the collision between tectonic plates. For instance, Indonesia island which is formed as result of interaction of three plates such the Pacific Plate, India-Australia Plate and the Eurasian Plate.

Potential of geothermal energy in Indonesia is so abundant, estimated 28,000 megawatts of energy produced or approximately equal to light 28 million homes on the islands. However, there has not been yet much energy to be utilized , since only about 4% of the energy takes the portion. We are still using non-renewable energy which is not fairly environmentally friendly such as coal, petroleum and other fossil fuels. In fact we have to face increasing demand long term using of energy, meanwhile it just always likely dwindles. Geothermal energy development should be supported by all parties, both government and citizens due to its role is very promising as a supplier of electricity to areas that are not powered. By this, we will not fully depend on fossil fuel, in the mean time it will reduce carbon emissions that can lead to increased greenhouse effect and temperature at the earth’s surface. When the scientists develop a technology for utilization of geothermal, with proud we can develop geothermal energy independently and serving more energy for people.


source: Climate Newsletter by ICSF


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