Hi… it’s me.

Well, may be i have to tell you a bit about me for your information. hehehe. Well i was born in Bogor or known as rain city on 6th August. I interested with climate, environment, blogging, painting, crafting, recycling, photograph, and hydrology (last one, i don’t know why). As you know, time by time our interests will be changing. So, don’t feel fickle if u change it. Just let it flow…

I have a little SHOP here especially for crafting. If you want to give something for someone special, may be you can contact me and we could share anything you need.

You can enjoy my diary, ideas, thoughts, photos, or something else on NOTES, CRAFTING, and PHOTO. And also about SCIENCE, consisting of climatology, meteorology, hydrology, environmental science, etc.

I’m active in two blogs, one in Kompasiana as social blog, and another is here as personal blog… Let’s enjoy my writing. Sorry for my bad English and don’t forget to gimme a comment or just like it.

Thank you


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